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About Yag Laser

It is mainly utilized for two surgical procedures. The use of this laser does not require any anesthesia & recovery period is minimal.

We have immersion mode A-Scan which prevents corneal indentations (which usually occurs in routine A-Scan machines causing error) & hence giving a more accurate reading. Immersion mode is now standard technique to achieve emetwsia

YAG Capsulotomy

YAG laser is used to remove capsular opacification after cataract within seconds. No Pain, No discomfort.

YAG PI (Peripheral iridectomy)

It is one of the treatment modalities in closed angle glaucoma. With the help of YAG laser an opening is created in the peripheral iris hence bypassing the blocked area & bringing down the pressure in the eye. Further attacks are also prevented.

What is After-Cataract Yag Laser Treatment ?

In cataract surgery the bag of the lens is left inside the eye purposefully to support the IOL (Intra Ocular Lens). Over a period of time, a few remaining cells of the natural bag grow and make the bag thick and opaque which obscure the vision. This is not a complication. With help of the Yag Laser small opening is made in the bag in the centre in just a few seconds. This is not a surgery. Yag Laser Treatment is a noninvasive OPD procedure and requires no anesthesia and no patch. Younger patients are more prone to this thickening of the bag.