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Phaco-emulsification is the technique in the fast developing world of cataract surgery. The incision is very small, hence no sutures are required and rehabilitation is quick and fast. The distortion of cornea is also minimal. In this surgery with the help of the machine the opaque lens is liquefied and then sucked out. Instead of our natural lens, an artificial intra ocular lens is placed. Usually the size of the IOL optic is 6 mm. The newer generations of IOLs are made from a flexible material & hence can be folded & injected into the eye with the help of injector. Through the 2.2 mm injection & hence the advantage of the small incision are maintained. The lens then unfolds inside the eye taking the place of the natural lens which has been removed. This surgery can be done under topical anesthesia in which case no injection is required to anesthetize the eye. Thus there is no need of bandaging the eye after surgery, so it is also called NO PAD, NO INJECTION cataract surgery. In our center cataract surgery is so painless that no painkiller tablets are require so No tablets Cataract surgery.

Topical anesthesia is benefical as it hastens visual recovery and there is no pain of injection and no eye ball manipulation as in case of peribulbar anesthesia. So topical anesthesia leads to instant visual recovery and no discomfort of injection anesthesia.

Monofocal Lenses

Normal lenses provide either sharp distance vision or near vision and they are called monofocal lenses. Therefore the patient has to depend upon glasses for either near or distance vision. Blue bolcks IOLs, Toric IOL, Hydrophobic IOL & Hydrophilic IOL, Silicon IOL are other types of IOL.

Multifocal Lenses : Freedom from Glasses after Cataract Surgery.

They have the capability to provide both distance and near vision with much re-duced dependence on glasses.

How do they work?

It has a diffractive surface which controls the light energy going into the eye.

This helps you to focus sharply on objects which are near or far without much dependence on spectacles.

Advantage of Multifocal IOLs

  • Reduce dependence on glasses for routine activities.
  • Provide excellent Distance, Intermediate and Near Vision

Toric IOLs

It corrects toricity of corneal Astigmatism cures by toric IOL implantation.