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Phakic IOL


It is a surgical procedure for persons over age of 40 yrs who want freedom from glasses. In this procedure we remove the natural lens from the eye and implant a new IOL, either monofocal or multifocal. In monofocal IOL distance vision glasses are eliminated whereas in multifocal IOL both instant and near vision glasses are not needed hence giving complete freedom from glasses. It is a US FDA approved procedure.

PRESBYOPIC LASIK OR PAC (Pseudo Accomodative Cornea)

This LASIK procedure is for persons having near vision glasses with or without distant vision glasses. With PAC LASIK a person can get independence from glasses for both near and distant vision. In PAC LASIK we create multifocality of the cornea. So a person can see both distant as well as near objects without glasses. Unlike other procedures available till date to remove near glasses, this is a binocular procedure i.e. it is done in both the eyes giving better vision and comfort for distant as well as near vision in both eyes.

PHAKIC IOL (Freedom of glasses after 40 years)

This procedure is done for patients in whom LASIK is not possible due to too high refractive error. In this procedure an IOL is placed ahead of the natural lens in the eye hence giving clear vision and getting rid of glasses. It is specially useful persons having high myopia.