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Latest Update

April 24th

Digital Eye Strain, also known as Computer Vision Syndrome, causes fatigue, dry eyes and blurred vision. Digital eye strain shouldn’t be neglected and you should visit an ophthalmologist for a comprehensive eye check-up. #eyecare #sahajanandeyecarehospital

April 24th

Most computer users blink less often causing computer vision syndrome. Blinking helps in keeping the eyes moist and prevents dry eyes. If you have been suffering from burning or irritation in eyes, get your eye checkup done from the best eye doctor at Sahajanand Eye Care Hospital. #ahmedabad #eyecheckup #drdivyangbrahmbhatt

April 16th

Tired of Repetitive Headaches post work? Do you know Constant Screen usage makes your eye dry and leads to Digital Eye Strain. To know how to relieve Digital Eye Strain, visit Sahajanand Eye Care Hospital, Leading Eye Hospital in Ahmedabad. #dryeyes #besteyedoctor

April 14th

Give your eyes more power and comfort by getting rid of glasses and contact lenses. Do you know through Lasik you can remove your glasses? It takes just 10-15 minutes procedure time. Remove the burden of glasses from your life and visit Sahajanand eye care hospital at Navrangpura and Bodakdev. Visit us for more information on eye treatments:

March 23th

Quit Smoking Or Never Start: Smoking is as bad for your eyes as it is for the rest of your body. Research has linked smoking to an increased risk of developing age-related macular degeneration, cataract, and optic nerve damage, all of which can lead to blindness.

March 22th

Top 8 Causes Of Dry Eyes: To know about the causes, symptoms and treatments of glaucoma, visit Sahajanand Hospital today or log on to #sahajanand #eyecare #ahmedabad #glaucoma #cataract #treatment #causes #symptoms

March 16th

Approximately 3 million people of the age 40 years and above have glaucoma. Some people have it but are unaware of having it. A time will come when half of the world’s population will be suffering from it. It is getting common day by day. To know about the causes, symptoms and treatments of glaucoma, visit Sahajanand Hospital today or log on to #sahajanand #eyecare #ahmedabad #glaucoma #cataract #treatment #causes #symptoms

March 14th

Myths lead to wrong decisions in my people’s life. The myth about Cataract is: close up tasks like stitching or working on laptops or mobiles is a dangerous task to be done by a cataract patient. We need to clear it out that this is just a rumour. The real fact is that cataracts are not caused due to the way people use their eyes. To know more about the facts of cataract, visit Sahajanand Eye Care Hospital at Ahmedabad. Log on to #sahajanandhospitals #ahmedabad #eyecare #cataract #eye #lasik #surgery #myths #facts

March 12th

What do you require for undertaking a LASIK surgery? You should be 18 years old or more, have a good general health, be free of any kind of eye disease, have a stable eye prescription for the last 12 months, have thick corneas and the one who wants clear vision without the glasses or the lenses. To know about more such things, visit Sahajanand Eye Care Hospital Pvt. Ltd. at Ahmedabad or contact us at #sahajanandhospital #eyecare #ahmedabad #cataract #lasiksurgery #symptoms #causes #care #requirement

March 11th

How to keep your beautiful eyes healthy? Here are some tips that will enlighten up your eyes: A regular eye check up, proper lighting, frequent blinking, wearing sunglasses, distance adjustment, green gazing, eyes exercises and intake of healthy food. All these done regularly will benefit you the most and for sure. Visit Sahajanand Eye Care Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Or log on to #sahajanandeyecare #cataractlasik #drdivyangbrahmbhatt #healthyeyes #tips #ahmedabad

March 9th

We have been listening daily that smoking is injurious to health for the smokers as well as the people who accidentally inhale that smoke. Even after all this, the chain smokers and the smoke addicts will not pay heed and then will have to pay a very heavy price for their carelessness. Smoking leads to optic nerve damage, cataract, other types of eye problems and sometimes, permanent blindness too. To know more about this, log on to or visit Sahajanand Eye Care Hospital Pvt. Ltd. #sahajanandeyecare #ahmedabad #eyecare #smoking #demerits #diseasesrelatedtoeye #cataractlasik

March 8th

When your eyes feel dry, do you ever wander about the reason of its being so? Some of the reasons for the dryness of the eye are: heavy reading, digital device use, living or working in a dry environment, wearing contact lens for a long time, LASIK Surgery, etc. To know more about the causes of the dry eyes, log on to or visit Sahajanand Eye Care Hospital Pvt. Ltd for check up and appointments. #sahajanandeyecare #ahmedabad #lasik #cataract #dryness #eyecare

March 5th

What are the common cataract facts and myths? Always remember- eye drops can never prevent or resolve cataract. Close focus never makes cataract worse. Cataracts are not reversible. No medical product can prevent cataract as its formation is natural. Cataract are affected by the use of vision. For knowing about such interesting and important myths and facts regarding cataract, log on to or visit Sahajanand Eye Care Hospital and get the cataract out of your life. #sahajanandeyecare #Ahmedabad #cataractlasik #mythsandfacts #cataract

March 1st

Have you ever felt like someone has thrown a fist full of sand in your eyes or has set it on fire or numerous flies are stinging it every second? These can be the symptoms of you having the dry eyes syndrome. Get your eyes properly checked up at Sahajanand Eye Care Hospital Pvt. Ltd. at Ahmedabad. Contact us at #cataractlasik #ahmedabad #sahajanandeyecarehospital #drdivyangbrahmbhatt #dryeyesyndrome

February 28th

The cost of a smart phone is not worth the price of your eyesight. Today, your eyes are paying more than they could handle just because of your regular and continuous use of smart phone. This will lead to massive destruction of your eyesight within a short span of time. To keep them safe and healthy, visit Dr. Divyang Brahmbhatt today at Sahajanand Eye Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Log on to for more information. #sahajanandeyehospital #cataractlasik #eyepain #drynessintheeyes #drdivyangbrahmbhatt

February 20th

A normal lens has the capacity to view everything crystal clear, whereas a lens suffering from cataract will be having a cloud like form over it. The difference between a healthy eye and a cloudy eye is known as cataract and it needs to be cured as soon as possible. Visit Sahajanand Eye care hospital for getting your eyes diagnosed. You can contact us at . #vitamins #nutrients #sahajanandhospital #cataract #lasik #DrDivyangBrahmbhatt

February 16th

Life is beautiful in all ways. But what if you see a blurry image of it every time? The beauty of your loved one should always get imprinted crystal clear in your eyes. Cataract is a condition where clouding of the lens takes place and the image of the object is not projected clearly. Contact Dr. Divyang Brahmbhatt at Sahajanand Eye Care Hospital Pvt. get an appointment and log on to our website for more details. #eyecare #cataract #blurryvision #sahajanandhospital #DrDivyangBrahmbhatt

January 9th

Is your child less interested to go to school nowadays? Is his/her performance degraded recently? Visit an ophthalmologist today as there are chances of lack of vision clarity one of the reason behind child's less focus in studies. #ahmedabad #bestophthalmologist

December 29th

At Sahajanand, we care for your Eyes but Do you? You should not miss your routine eye-checkups. To seek a consult with the best eye specialist in Ahmedabad, visit #besteyedoctor #sahajanandeyecarehospital

December 28th

We Care For Your Eyes Do You.? Find out if you are at higher risk for eye diseases. Sahajanand Eye Care Hospital is a well-known center for Phaco Cataract surgery, Multifocal IOL& Lasik Surgery. Quick Contact to Dr. Divyang Brahmbhatt - +91-9825013074 for more details. #cataractsurgeon #eyehospital #ahmedabad #drdivyangbrahmbhatt

December 25th

Glasses Goodbye. Experience Life Better Laser vision correction. Sahajanand Eye Care Hospital Pvt Ltd for book appointment and inquiries call on +91-9825013074. #cataractsurgeon #ahmedabad #drdivyangbrahmbhatt

December 23th

There are newer technologies for LASIK Treatment and as technology advances, it benefits better recovery and outcome post treatment. Contact Sahajanand Eye Hospital, to know more about LASIK. #notoglasses #ahmedabad #sahajanandeyehospital

December 20th

********** Did you know? ********** Our eyes close automatically to protect us from perceived dangers. Sahajanand Eye Care Hospital was established in 1994. It is the dream-child of Dr. Divyang Brahmbhatt, M.S. (Ophth.), D. O. It has now become a well-known center for Phaco Cataract surgery, multofical IOL & Lasik Surgery. -

December 18th

Have doubts about LASIK? Visit the Leading Eye Specialist, Dr. Divyang Brahmbhatt, at Sahajanand Eye Hospital and get your concerns resolved about LASIK treatment. Visit for more details. #lasik #ahmedabad #eyedoctor

December 14th

Aren't we limiting our right to vision and life when we tend to usually ignore vision discrepancy, slight blurness or less clarity in vision along with other concerns like headaches? Why limit the vision and life both? Visit Dr. Divyang Brahmbhatt, leading ophthalmologist at Sahajanand Eye Hospital,, and consult his expertise for all your eye problems. #eyecare #ahmedabad #sahajanandeyehospital

December 11th

Do you know that Early Diagnosis and appropriate treatment of Glaucoma can help in reducing the possibility of irreversible blindness? Then why wait for it to be late? Get your eye check-up done at Sahajanand Eye Hospital by Expert Ophthalmologist and get the right guidance. Visit for more details. #diabetes #eyecare #ahmedabad

December 7th

Better Eyes For A Better Life. What's better than seeing the world clearly? LASIK is a surgical procedure to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. To consult the best expert in the field, visit #lasik #saynotoglasses #sahajanandeyecare