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Introduce your kids to the joy of a healthy vision, from an early age through the habit of regular eye check with his friendly eye surgeon. Tailor made for kids desiring a caring management of vision issues to foster an all round personality development.
Refractive error leads to amblyopia lazy eye in children & has to be corrected before the age of seven. After that treatment of amblyopia becomes almost impossible. So the refraction & vision of children has to be checked before the child reaches the age of five. In Children we have to check refractions very minutely as any error leads to amblyopia.
Vision exercises have to be done for vision enhancement. Visual habits have to be improved. It is important that children be trained from an early age regarding proper manner to read & write. It is important always to read in proper lighting conditions.
The viewing of television should be limited & from proper distance. The use of computer should also be limited & proper distance & right habits in using the computer should be inculcated early on. These will be helpful throughout the life as the computer is now an integral part of our lives.
Cycloplegic refractions needs to be done for children. The muscles in the eyes of children have a very high tone and hence need to be relaxed with the help of drops before examinations in some cases. This gives an accurate idea about the refractive state of the children.
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Frequently Asked Questions
My child likes to sit very close to the television. Is this harmful?
Children have a much better ability to focus close at a younger age than adults. They get a much bigger picture at this distance. In general viewing anything close will not have any effect on physically changing the eyes on anyone. The only concern with viewing the television close is the possible effect from electromagnetic energy that is released from the television. This energy, however, has not been shown to be harmful in most recent studies.
My child likes to read in the dark or near dark. Is this harmful?
No. Reading or working under low light does not have a physical effect though it may lead to eye fatigue. But it is advisable to use proper lighting conditions while doing near work. Ideally the light should come from side over the left shoulder ( in right handed individuals).
At what age should children have their first eye exam?
Some ophthalmologists suggest children should have their first eye exam at about age three. Always have a child's vision checked if there is any doubt about how well he or she sees. Early detection of eye problems can sometimes prevent significant damage to the eye & vision.
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